Residential outdoor lighting has many benefits. It enhances the beauty of a home and its surrounding landscape, it makes it safer to walk around at night, and it increases security. It can light up an entire area, or be focused on specimen plants and selected walkways. With all the different kinds of outdoor lighting, you can create the perfect nighttime atmosphere.

Landscape lighting, unlike plain security illumination, usually is made up of several low-wattage lamps that are placed to beautify as well as shed light on an area. For example, lights leading up to the doorway provide a visual invitation to visitors and help prevent tripping, while simultaneously helping to keep people off the lawn. Extra lights along the walkways can draw attention to especially nice plants.

Away from the walkways, outdoor lighting can be used to illuminate gardens, specimen trees, and other nice areas of the landscape. Areas that would be overlooked during daylight hours are easy to appreciate at night when highlighted with strategically-placed outdoor lights. Having a lot of low-wattage fixtures, when placed artistically, also gives an overall warm and peaceful appearance like that seen in Norman Rockwell or Thomas Kinkade paintings.

Another popular use for landscape lighting is to illuminate ponds, pools, and other water features. A waterfall in the landscape can look almost magical at night when sparkling with the light from a well-placed fixture. Ponds are similarly enhanced by light. It is also safer for a pond, swimming pool, or other watery area to be lit, since those not completely familiar with your property may not expect such features.

With a nicely-done arrangement of landscape lighting, security illumination can be beautiful as well. Areas that need to be well-lit can appear as if they just naturally fell into the pools of light provided by outdoor lighting fixtures, keeping them secure while maintaining their attractiveness. Nice-looking larger outdoor fixtures can augment the illumination if need be.

These are just some of the several uses of outdoor lighting to enhance the landscape. Take a look around your property and you’ll surely spot many places where some outdoor fixtures are just what’s needed to keep it looking beautiful all night long.