Lawn Care

We will mow and trim weekly and vertical edge every four weeks. Our fertilizing program includes four applications of a balanced slow-release type fertilizer with weed control, insecticide, and fungicide being applied on an as-needed basis. By applying good cultural practices the use of pesticides is minimized. We will aerate lawn areas twice a year with a coring type aerator.
The lawn is generally the most visible part of a landscape – our program will grow a lawn that will be the envy of the neighborhood!

Sprinkler System Maintenance

We will start up sprinkler systems in the spring, check weekly for proper operation, and winterize in the fall.
Our staff monitors soil moisture and will make any necessary adjustments to the watering schedule.
Our sprinkler experts can troubleshoot problems and keep any system operating at peak efficiency.
Our preventive maintenance on sprinkler systems will keep water on the plants and out of the street!

Pruning and Plant Care

Our personnel are knowledgeable in correct pruning methods and will use correct pruning methods to enhance the health and vigor of trees and shrubs while maintaining a natural appearance.

Shrubs will generally be sheared only when a more formal look is desired and this complements the overall look of the property.
We will cut back perennials at the appropriate time. Ornamental plantings are fertilized twice a year using a balanced slow-release formulation. Trees and shrubs are a costly part of any landscape – don’t neglect them!

Plant Health Care

Our plant health care specialist will monitor your plants for pests and make any needed spray applications. Keep in mind that indiscriminate applications of insecticide may do more harm than good by killing beneficial insects. We will optimize the health of plants by paying close attention to soil improvement, watering schedules, and appropriate fertilizing.
Remember – not all bugs are bad bugs!

Renovations and Improvements

We offer renovation and improvement services to our regular maintenance customers.We can take a drab uninspired landscape and turn it in to a thing of beauty, using a wide variety of colorful plants to create a visual impact. We will begin with soil improvement – this is the most important thing in creating a beautiful, sustainable landscape.The landscape below the ground is just as important as that above!

Water Feature Maintenance

We can take care of the routine maintenance of a water feature, checking the water quality and adjusting the chemistry to maintain the clarity and balance. We are licensed for aquatic weed control!

Low-Voltage Lighting

We can provide routine maintenance and troubleshooting for low-voltage lighting systems, as well as install new systems.
Ask us about lighting up your landscape!